Friday, 14 December 2012

Quiet on the Racing Fashion Front! Why?

This week, my husband and I were given the devastating news this week that one of horses had been terribly injured on Monday with track work.  Danzylum.  He has brought us so much joy and happiness and great times not just together but with many people.  He fractured his leg on Monday.  He is now 9 and really I thought that we had given him a great run and wanted him to spend his days now in a paddock.  Unfortunately, we have some other owners in the syndication and it was correct when they knew he had more in him.  He came 2nd a couple of weeks ago only to be beaten by 1/2 a nose.
I was in terrible shock on Monday, just floating around not doing anything.
The horse has been in hospital all week, and yesterday has been operated on to save his life.  We are hoping everything will go to plan and he will survive.  He will spend the rest of his days in a paddock grazing, as do the rest of our horses.  Most people think that allot of horse owners are callous and cruel.  But without the horses being bred for racing, there would be allot of people out of work not to mention allot less hat wearing.  If you love your 'Fashions on the Field', be aware that you are doing it at a race course where horses are racing and the first rule of Racing Fashion in my mind is to know you are at a track.
Be mindful that you are there for the fashion, but when I hear comments about people not having a clue about anything to do with racing, I just wonder???  But that is me, there are no hard and fast rules for you, only what I see.
We are receiving 1000s more photos for the Racing Fashion site and they are going to be coming thick and fast.  While Magic Millions is racing toward us.  We are just reflecting on Spring as Summer hits us.  Remember that Magic Millions is a mid Summer Carnival.  This is on the Gold Coast, show you can be more flashy and glitzy than ever.
I like classic Race wear to my style, but that is me.  Let us embrace everyone's individual style and welcome that we are all individuals.  Enjoy. x

Racing Fashion

Racing Fashion

Racing Fashion Mildred Elwood

Racing Fashion Amy Jones

Racing Fashion Anna Mott

Racing Fashion

Racing Fashion Joanne Donovan, Dapple Grey

Racing Fashion Effie Cliff wearing Philip Treacy

Racing Fashion Jennifer Hawkins

Racing Fashion Rebecca Share

Racing Fashion

Racing Fashion 

Racing Fashion, Hat by Philip Treacy

Racing Fashion Jeannie Todaro

Racing Fashion

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