Wednesday, 7 November 2012

She Shall Go To The Ball in Bernadette Pimenta

When people say, “I don't know how she does it!”

Today “I don't know how I do it!”,
When I was told my designer was unable to finish my garments for Oaks Day and Emirate Stakes Day, I have been in semi melt down, although, I refuse to cry. Tears are not for fashion and dare I say not even for hats. There are way too many big issues in the world.
My life was left in layers of fabric: Expensive silk fabric!

I was not in a place where I could do anything, I don't dislike the designer, just really upset and disappointed, as it is not easy to find a dressmaker within a couple of days.

When every designer in Melbourne is working on their masterpiece for 'Myer Fashions on the Field' designer section, who wants to take on a new project?

Call in Craig Braybrook!

Craig was busy with his winning masterpiece that won 'Myer Fashions on the Field, Designer Award', but suggested I ring Bernadette Pimenta.
This morning, I had a call from Bernadette to come and try the calico and have a corset boned. Yes, this morning. I am now awaiting a call that it shall be ready for me for a fitting at about 10pm tonight.
Allot of people were asking where I was today, as I did not attend the 'Oak's ladies luncheon', the most coveted ticket in ladies luncheons. I am just thinking, my full wardrobe is in Far North Queensland and contrary to popular belief, you don't see me blog everyday in a fabulous outfit. Most of the days are spent with my children in the back garden planting vegetables in cargo pants.

With my fabulous hat by 'Paris Kyne, Master Milliner', 'Phoebe', I had the material ready, and I vowed not to wear import. I want Australian Couture!

Bernadette is still tirelessly working in her studio, with her own personal 'Project Runway'. This is a lady of remarkable skill.
Yesterday, finishing her garment that finaled in the 'Myer Fashions on the Field, Designer Award' and today making my dress to present to camera. I am forever grateful and thankful.

Sometimes heroes come in capes, masks, or costumes, but mine comes with a arm full of Calico and Pins.

'Racing Fashion' thanks AAMI Derby for this gorgeous shot of Supermodel Alice Berdeu in Bernadette Pimenta

Fashions on the Field, Top 10 'Myer Fashions on the Field Designer Award'

Racing Fashion, thanks Craig Braybrook and loves the above Peplum Perfect 'Myer Fashions on the Field, Design Award Winner'

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