Sunday, 18 November 2012

Emirate Stakes Day at Melbourne Cup Carnival

Family Fashions on the Field Day

Joanne Donovan with family Fashions on the Field from Dapple Grey

Anna Mott, Racing Fashion with Paris Kyne Master Milliner,
Wearing Bernadette Pimenta Couture and Jonathan Howard Hatmaker Headwear

Anna Mott, Racing Fashion with Paris Kyne Master Milliner in Emirates Marquee at Melbourne Cup Carnival Emirate Stakes Day

Warhorse at Melbourne Cup Carnival

Warhorse Greets Emirates Attendant at Melbourne Cup Carnival 

Anna Mott from Racing Fashion TV interviews Kim Kardashian with Craig Braybrook, Winner of the Designer Award 2012.  Kim was speechless as she was Flat Out.

Anna Mott from Racing Fashion TV interviewing Rick Astley in Swisse Marquee

Rick Astley with Racing Fashion PA Jacki, jumped in for a quick photobomb!

Anna Mott and Craig Braybrook, enjoying the Johnny Walker Marquee.  Racing Fashion Fabulous Marquee.

Brodie Young, Recently Married, Congratulations from Racing Fashion or AKA Johnny Walker.
Yes, they are GOLD Macaroons.  Delicious. xxxx

Johnny Walker Gold Label always looks fabulous with GMK Cuff.
Racing Fashion loves GMK


Racing Fashion saw that Joanna Griggs was one of the hardest working interviewers during Carnival.  

Kerrie Stanley Headwear.  Love.

Mumm Marquee, Racing Fashion Loves Mumm and a good Sabrage.

Shiva Singham with Anna Mott of Racing Fashion at Spotless Marquee.

Racing Fashion loves Kim Fletcher Millinery

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1000s more photos to come, stay tuned.

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