Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pimp my ride Mon Cherie. x

One of my friends is totally obsessed with his motorcycle, I did not understand until I have taken over the road with my totally pimped out 'Cherry' ride.
I am undergoing facial surgery tomorrow to take of two nasty spots on my face and feeling dreadfully down about it.  Allot of people will call it a nose job, and it sort of is as the spot is on my nose.  But people can say what they like.
I am totally obsessed with my San Diego made 'Electra' bike and I do not care if my face is going to be cut up in the mean time.  Well it is a handy reminder for me to tell everyone to wear hat, sunscreen and sit in the shade.  Hmmm, now back to my fabbo bike.
Ok, I am 40 and I know I am sounding like 'Bridgette' from the 'Playboy Mansion' but it is so 'Old School Cool'
No Carbon emissions, the total cruiser like a 'Harley' and 'Just Livin the Dream', feel free to dream along.
It is all one happy ride. xxxx

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