Monday, 12 November 2012

Johnny Walker Trumped at Birdcage at Melbourne Cup Carnival

The 'Bird Cage' during Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the most extraordinary places you will ever be.  Within a very small radius you have supermodels, actors, famous faces, allot of people looking very important and advertising campaigns that would make you shudder thinking of the cost, but hey, I am sure it is tax deductible.
There was the Mumm Marquee, Myer of course, Swiss with famous attendees including a flat out Kim Kardashian who makes a straight up appearance in Racing Fashion TV series 5.  Nicole Kidman in Swiss, Mishca Barton in Emirates, and the list goes on and on.
My duties to showcase carnival are to bring the big bright personalities to the people and the small unsung hero was definitely the Johnny Walker Marquee.  After 3 huge days of parties and racing, after parties, launches the week before we are all exhausted.  My husband's and I were not allowed into the 'James Boag' Marquee, we were devastated, as I may have had a sip of beer after 22 years, but I don't think so.

Johnny Walker did have Brodie Harper strutting in his top hat, tails and cane, but really there were no big names to boast inside.  But this was a hidden 'Aladdin's Cave', this marquee had fantastic decor and opulence that felt like a jazz club of New York, I must admit, we really did not move once we were in there. We loved all the marquee jumping, but Johnny, the only big name was you, and Racing Fashion loved it.

Paris Kyne Master Milliner

Honey Macaroons. 

Cinnamon Macaroons.

Craig Braybook after 1 drink.

Craig Braybrook after 3 drinks. 

Craig Braybrook after 4 drinks. 

Mr Brodie Young, or Mr Johnny Walker on the day

South Australian Finalist of Fashions on the Field Catherine Gill

Racing Fashion Team, Paris Kyne, Did someone mention Beer?

Racing Fashion Anna Mott in Hatmaker Headwear, and Master Milliner Paris Kyne.

Racing Fashion Anna Mott in Hatmaker Headwear, and Master Milliner Paris Kyne

Racing Fashion loves Nick Bracks in his UnderBrax and Evan Spargo.

Nick Bracks and Evan Spargo

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