Sunday, 4 November 2012

I Cannot Bare It! If it is not fabulous, I will wear nothing at all!

Anna Mott from Racing Fashion daring to wear nothing at all unless it is Fabulous!

Naked Thursday is looking more and more likely.
When shooting this years, Season 4 Racing Fashion TV commercial. I strutted down the street quite smartly saying, unless it is fabulous, I will wear nothing at all!
Well, careful what you say as it may come true!
Yes, in fact today when I went to pick up my Cup Day outfit. The designer told me her off sider is sick and she cannot make my Oaks Day or Emirates Stakes design.
I vow to wear Australian Couture and support local designers and now I have been on the hunt for brilliant dress designer to help!
In true 'Project Runway' Style, all dress makers and designers are in full swing of finishing their 'Designer Award' outfit for tomorrow's Melbourne Cup Section of 'Designer Fashions on the Field'.
This has left me in somewhat of a precarious yet scandalous position.
Having my 'Paris Kyne, Master Milliner' headpiece in order and Jonathan Howard Hatmaker Hat all in order to change outfits now is total disaster.
With lengths of silk to wrap myself in, can I pull off a couture Sari???
There are no dress makers in site.
  1. It must be fabulous
  2. It must be Australian
  3. It must Fit
  4. The Show Must Go ON!
Only time will tell, but with all my spring outfits in Port Douglas and being a very unusual shape the question is, I have one day to find the perfect Oaks Day and Emirates Stakes Day Ensemble.

I would never have really thought I would have nothing to wear.

The designer said “Please don't hate me!”

Of course I don't hate her, in fact I don't hate anyone, it is a horrible emotion. Let us just say a bit disappointed, but really I will wear recycled fashion if I cannot have this made. I am trying to vow to have it made by an Australian Designer.

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