Thursday, 22 November 2012

Loving being 40 in Tropical North Queensland

50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, 30 is the new 20 and what 20 we are not old enough to vote?

One thing is for sure and that is we are all aging. But with aging grows wisdom, that you look at the younger generation with their dreams and open world in front of them.
For me aging is something I am embracing and finding more love and knowing of myself than ever before. After the flash, dash, and sash of Spring Racing Carnival, I love to feel fantastic in beautiful clothes and make myself up. The spectacle of colour and festivity, but then I ask myself for balance.
I don't want to live Spring Carnival, racing around everyday. I want to be mum, I want to be a wife and the best person I can be.
This does not mean fancy clothes, fancy car.
For me it is getting back to basics, playing board games with my children and splashing in a pool. Looking at nature and the colour it provides.
Over the past week with the beauty of the tropical north I have been particularly watching the way light falls in different ways and how I can find such beauty in listening to nature, watching golden orb spiders, and simply looking at a magnificent flower and how its colour's are one of a kind.
This is something that cannot be taught, you cannot find it unless you are ready for it. I am currently with witch doctors and Far North Queensland on concoctions of teas and aromas to bring my chi together. I am slowly finding my own little piece of me that I forget about when I am in the big city.
Living well drinking fine Champagne and dining is a first class pleasure of which I am grateful for, but they do not define the person I am. I enjoy the greatest things life has to offer, but really they are just things. I look through magazines and 'facebook' images of beautiful women and glorious fashion. I would not want to be that girl in an instant as I know how desperately hard models work and I can only hope they make their fortune during their time so they can savour the memories and relish in the wisdom of gracefully aging.
40 is not the new 30, 40 is simply a number of how many times I have orbited the sun.

Crystal, Louis Roderer Vintage 2004 at Nautilus

Crab Potstickers at Nautilus

Salmon in Miso with Roe at Harrisons

My Husbands Angus at Harrisons

This is one of my favourite Champagne's beside Krug, hardly any bubbles and melts in your mouth.

Pork Belly for my Husband with Pear at Harrisons

Harrison's Fairy Tree in Port Douglas

Potstickers again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Yumm

My Golden Orb Spider, so lucky to see.  They are meant to be good luck. 

During the Total Solar Eclipse on my balcony.

Signature Dish at Nautilus, Coral Trout.

La Grande Dame, Vintage 2004

Tasting Plate at Nautilus, Amazing.

I love the way the candle sat so still on the other side of my glass.

Another Golden Orb Spider, I must be lucky.

Jade Vine at my Door although it has now finished blooming.

Amazing Vietnamese inspired Oysters at Harrisons

My beautiful perfect husband.

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