Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fashions on the Field at Derby Day

Derby Day Fashions on the Field at Flemington 2012 has brought Fashion at the Races to a new level. The ladies looked spectacular and the Millinery was outstanding. Attention to detail was the highlight of the day with not a hair out of place on any contestant. I have just been given a few photos to put onto the formal 'Racing Fashion' site, but was backstage with ladies looking splendid in their racing attire.
I see the special attention to Millinery where years gone past a simple comb with netting and a few feathers would do, is now a dreadful faux pas. The days of parading and making an exhibition of yourself on stage is now a thing of the past. All ladies are embracing their femininity with grooming and deportment the key.

I was in awe of the Millinery, where Australia's best were among the names worn by the 10 finalists all made from the best quality fabrics and outstanding design.

A big thank you to Jeff Banks, presenting a tie to my husband, (I think he feels sorry for him, as he never wins) with his beautiful limited edition Tie. There were only 100 made and it is stunning.
Thank you Jeff Banks. We love your commentary and knowledge of fashion throughout the decades and where inspiration lies in the outfits.

"Christie Viney to the Fashions precinct"
Christie Viney was so over the moon before the Fashions on the Field begun with Philip Treacy loving her outfit and hat, she was already an on style trend winner.  But when a number was written incorrectly Christie had looked like she had run the Derby arriving backstage to step onstage as she bolted from the Nursery, back to fashion precinct.  All in all, everyone was a winner who entered with capacity crowd and gates closed.  Black and White, you clearly are the most popular day with all 'Group Races'.

Jeff Banks and Anna Mott, 'Racing Fashion' in Black Rose Couture.

Anna Burn from the Herald Sun

Above Christie Viney before she bolted!

Love this Bonnie Evelyn hat on Alex

Mandy Murphy Brilliant Millinery of Elise

Rebecca Share Millinery on Alex

Liza Steadman Signature Millinery on Winner, Lisa Wellings.

Pamela Cameron, GaGa Mask

Racing Fashion's favourite Laser Cut

Maybe it is not so much of a Faux Pax,
Is no shoes the new black.
Always been a Racing Fashion No No, but Nicole does not put a foot wrong, even without shoes.

Photo by APL photography.

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