Sunday, 21 October 2012

We are not Robots

Staring into space today locked in my own time capsule I usually humm to myself where does the time go. It creeps up on us in a magnifying proportion, but really it is always at the same pace it is just the way perceive time. Right now, time is forever. The waiting game, not for me but for my husband's family.
Being a mum and wanting to balance my social and my work life is always a tedious task, but when it is family everything stops, it is like instead of drifting with the current of the sea, metaphorically meaning time we all of a sudden tread water and decide if we are to swim to shore, the island or boat. We just stay stagnant in time.
Spring Carnival is undoubtedly my most chaotic yet sociable and silly season of year, but right now it seems I am being tested with delegation tasks and how I cope under pressure. I am not special and I am not a victim it is just a matter of hitting 40 and the days of going looking for a partner and settling down in your 20s and discovering who you are in your 30s is over and now you play the cards you are dealt in life.
You have children and no one is throwing you a life raft, you are holding the children above the water with you kicking as hard as you can to weather the storm so the children are ok, sooner or later you feel you are in control of the children and then you are thrown the curve balls of sickness with yourself with your body not functioning like it once did and then the support that you give to your family.
Many times people say, “I don't know how you do it!”.
The answer is, “We don't do it, We just keep going.”.
What choice do we have?? None! You leave because you cannot support others?? No!

Right now, I sit and I wait for the phone calls that many have been through before, that I am going through now and others will go through later on. This is living and rounding myself and others into what makes us who we are today. I love my fashion and it is a hobby, passion and living, but when all is said and done, it is just like being dedicated to a car, garden or whatever your hobby is.

I thank people for reading my funny little editors blog that seem to keep people amused. Allot has no meaning, just the way I feel and where I am going and developing. I am adoring the opportunity to blog and to read others. We have our own stories, our own trials. I love my fashion, but if you know me, you know there is more to me than fashion.

Meanwhile Robots and Fashion, we are only human.

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