Saturday, 13 October 2012

'People in Racing' Luncheon at Circa

Feeling Fabulous in Paris Kyne creation 'Phoebe'

Anna Mott 'Racing Fashion' with Silvan Lovin

Silvan Lovin dressed by Mattiew Salem and hat by Kerri Stanley

Silvana is heading to LA at the end of the month and we wish her every success.

Loving, pretty in pink with a GMK, Tough Cuff.

Kate from Style Counsel

Evan Spargo, Male Face of Caulfield

Lillian Frank needing no introduction, a fantastic mentor.

Hetty Kate, Female Faco of Caulfield

Anne Tootell, member or the Racing Fashion Team

Loving my gloves to add to the Racing Fashion look, but short well manicured nails are the look du jour.

Spring Carnvial is officially off and Racing with Caulfield Guineas being run yesterday. Well before Spring Carnvial the people of Racing are there every week rain hail and shine.
I was grateful to be invited to 'People in Racing' at Circa for the Starlight Children's Foundation of Australia. This gave me a chance of course to wear a wonderful hat and outfit and have conversations with Racing friends, but to also understand that the 'Sport of Kings' also holds philanthropy close to their hearts.
Often when attending the luncheons and drinking Champagne and watching these magnificent horses run, we forget to be mindful of others. I am fortunate to have made a platform of being the name 'Racing Fashion' and in association I will be working harder than ever in 2013 to bring forward more philanthropy and charity work.
I love feeling fantastic in beautiful clothes, but more importantly I was touched to sponsor a child for the Starlight Children's foundation. There are fantastic ways we can help and every dollar helps.
The Starlight Children's Foundation, has made it easier for us to help and grant wishes to children desperately in need of a little happiness that you and I take for granted on a daily basis.
The lunch was spectacular with mouth watering delicacies and sips of bubbles to bounce into the Carnival to come.
One mentor I adore and have always admired from a young age is the amazing Lillian Frank. She does have the social pages on a Saturday in the Herald/Sun and many would think of her as the higher echelon of Toorak, where in actual fact Lillian Frank is one of the most humble beautiful women I have met. I love talking to Lillian and learning from her. We have much to learn from mature members of the community that can tell us stories and places they have been and there journey to where they are now.
A delightful day was had by all.

To find out how you can help the Starlight Children's Foundation of Australia, Click Here.

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