Sunday, 28 October 2012

Racing Fashion TV is Racing Away With the Ratings, Thank You!

Community TV is taking Over!
In the US this has been happening over the past 18months where the humble local stations are giving the big wigs a run for their money.

Racing Fashion TV has wowed audiences with growing popularity and ratings increasing each week. The formula is working, it has taken a while to perfect but we have a fantastic team of production, editing, direction and Aussie humour. Racing Fashion TV now has a crew of approximately 30 and Racing Fashion website is popular as ever. 

Last week 'Racing Fashion' with special last minute guest Vanessa Gore moved it's way around the Birdcage, showcasing the fluttering of social butterfly's in the 'Birdcage'. Even though Racing Fashion TV season 4 was taped 12 months ago, everyone is loving it.

Among the festivities in the marquee's there was a rating system of embracing the marquee with and Champagne, leading to a theft of a magnum! Yes, more theft of Champagne, (maybe it is Karma, see Theft of Champagne at the race!, Click Here) which I may add the magnum was very heavy to handle. World Records were made in the Herald Sun Marquee, with onlookers in dismay with the wearing 'The World's Biggest Hat'. Annland Dollars were not accepted at the Tote!

What can we say! Thank you for watching and we cannot wait to showcase EVERYONE in their beautiful racing attire this year. So don't be shy, don't listen to anyone, have a go in 'Fashions on the Field', you may be pleasantly surprised at how friendly it is.

Racing Fashion, Anna Mott wearing, 'The World's Biggest Hat'.

Vanessa Gore, joining Anna Mott from Racing Fashion TV for the day to enjoy the 'Birdcage'

This looks like a hat to me!

This poor waiter, her really thought he could keep this from me???

Racing Fashion TV Series 5 has the biggest names, locally, internationally and YOU at home!

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