Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Banging your head against a brick wall

All fashionable ladies and fashion on the field entrants know you cannot be styled by another person or put in a designers clothes to profit the designer.

Currently Amy Robson who is a wonderful competitor of fashions on the field has been targeted as a victim.

Again, Amy's grandmother Sandra Robson makes her outfits but she is not a professional designer.  It is like a mum entering her daughters.  Sandra does sell hats at 'The Hat Box' in Brisbane, but she is a pensioner and it is more a hobby.  As Kim Fletcher in Melbourne says, not many milliners make money from millinery, it is a labor of love and their craft.

Throughout my times judging fashions on the field, I know who has been styled by a third party and when judging I make the club aware that I will be taking points off for the fact they have been styled.  I have made designers well aware not to dress girls.  I have told competitors to purchase outfits from designers.
Allegations against competitors have to stop.  We are not responsible to police this event.  The event managers know this matter goes on and they police this, I have seen it done.

To me, this sounds like a storm in a tea cup that someone has told a story to the media with negativity toward a few fashion fabulous girls.  I know many are following this story and let us not feed and fuel the fire.

This was a post I decided to post on a the wall, against my better judgement.

I will just say, I don't believe it is in Fashions on the Field best interest to have these posts. I pride myself on integrity and enjoying watching all women dressing beautifully to make themselves feel fantastic on a race day. It is not about winning, losing or drawing. We are blessed to have a competition to showcase great Australian fashion. Everyone has the right to compete and the Robson sisters are both genetically gifted with a loving grandma that will make outfits for them. If I had a grandma that a) I could get any time back with I would take it and b) if you are hot, you are hot. One day they will grow older, let these beautiful ladies have their glory. This is not in the nature of Fashions on the Field spirit. Please report on Style, we embrace you to do so, but please leave this story. The judges decision is final. Thank you. xxxxx

This was the reply from the writer.

 Thank you Anna, you are well respected in the industry. However, let me disagree: Fashions on the Field is a competition and like any competition it's about winning. Try to tell Broncos they should be happy not winning but just having a good time on the field. Women enter Fashions on the Field competition to win, not just make themselves feel fantastic, or they would simply drink champagne and watch the races like others who just enjoy themselves on a race day. And suggesting we all should wait until Robson sisters grow older... why not just follow the Rules?

A reply from another party

So, Anna, we should just kiss and make up and pretend we all are one big happy family? Let's wait until Robson sisters grow old and [un]gorgeous, and you know, their grandmother is 70. Let's wait. You know what, I have a better suggestion: screw the rules. Get proactive. Contact designers and ask them to lend you a dress for a day in exchange of free exposure. Who knows, they may even custom-make one for you for free - cost them nothing! There are a lot of aspiring designers out there and you can always claim they are a "friend". Contact milliners and get a hat to fit the dress to the "T", same offer - why pay? Amy doesn't. Befriend a local stylist or one from the internet, they hang out at places like 'whatshouldiwear' and will be more than happy to oblige. Have a friend or family member who is pretty and young? Make them your hanger and share the prizes. Let's get this party going. We all are one big happy family after all.... xxx Let's kiss and make up xxx

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