Monday, 15 October 2012

Racing Style, 50 Years of 'Fashions on the Field' Exhibition

2012 is not only a year to be embraced for the 151st Melbourne Cup but also for the 50 year celebration of 'Fashions on the Field'. Where better to have an exhibition of the 'Racing Style, 50 years of 'Fashions on the Field''. Appropriately the occasion was marked with the cutting of a pink ribbon and speeches from TVN Hosts, Former Fashion on the Field Winners, Curators, and associated members of the Thoroughbred industry as well as 'Fashion & Style Icons in the world of Racing Fashion and Style'.
The night ran through beautiful shots of ladies from all eras winning, and now we have the 'Gentelmen's' category as well as the Junior.
Guests included Debbie Brereton and her Daughter Demi who have both won the most coveted title of fashion in Outdoor Australia. It was a chance to meet with the milliners, designers and faces that have changed the Throughbred industry to bring today the glamour and style to Racing. Fashions on the Field was the inspiration of my site, Every week when attending the races and not only from the 'Fashions on the Field' perspective I would see ladies of all ages, sizes and shapes beautifully attired and embracing the spirit of racing and going together with friends or having a wonderful day with their husband or partner. It seems the days of Sunday wearing a hat to church are unfortunately a thing of the past, now Saturday Raceday is now the day to Don a Hat. A simply beautiful celebration of Style and Iconic Australian Fashion. I have not taken photos of the exhibit as it has to be seen. Head to the MCC, Australian Sports Museum where this will be exhibited until June 2013.

Waiting for the perfect occasion to wear is my rolled swan wing hat.  It was made in 1905 and comes from the MET in New York.  I had to make a beehive under the hat in order to wear it and not damage it.

Brett Morley on right with partner Michael left.

Dale Olsson from the Hat Box in Brisbane wearing custom Jonathan Howard, 'Hatmaker.

Thank you to the gorgeous Justine for including me in this event. x

With Craig Braybrook, winning designer.

Craig Braybrook, winning designer

Anthony Capon, winning designer, (hiding) and last years winner, Angela Menz.

Anthony Capon, winning designer coming out of hiding. x

Slide show with Alex Foxcroft, Angela Menz and Louise Struber.

Warren Turner

Kim Fletcher, Award Winning Milliner

La Toya, Thinking Pink in Master Milliner Paris Kyne

Master Milliner Paris Kyne

Demi Brereton with her mum Debbie.  Both winners of Fashions on the Field.

Dale Olsson, in front of her Iconic Mustard Coat Dress.  A much loved item of the exhibition.

Mildred Elwood

Victoria Shaw, Australia's only female race caller as well as 'Fashions on the Field' Winner.
We would love to have Victoria call a group 1 race during Spring Carnival in Melbourne, maybe Oaks Day!

Craig Braybrook and Anthony Capon musing over who may win this years designer award.

Craig Braybrook in front of his winning design and Kerrie Stanley Headpeice on Right.

The beautiful Debbie Brereton in front of her Winning Outfit.

Sandra Robson, Milliner to 'The Hat Box' in Brisbane.

Dale Olsson with Phillip Rohodes Milliner on right.

Dale Olsson gave a lovely speech of winning 'Fashions on the Field' in 1972 in a beautiful Mustard Dress and Coat, this was then entered by her daughter Fleur when she was 18 and she won. This was an outfit purchased for Fleur's Christening, and then Fleur wore it again for her 40th birthday for 'Fashions on the Field' on Stradbroke Day at Eagle Farm in Brisbane. Every outfit tells a tale, as too as Dale mentioned does the memories of the friends she has made through the times of 'Fashions on the Field'. Dale has some of her dearest friends met at the track some 40 something years ago, (Dare I say, she was a mere infant when she started attending the races)

Click Here for news story featured on ABC with Serena Lindeman   

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