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Sour Grapes, and way too much time on their hands.

If you have been following Fashions on the Field, you will see that Amy Robson and her family are wonderful competitors.  There has been a Facebook awful site come up that I will not even mention because I refuse to give it energy.
Amy has won fair and square and the judges decision is final.  Let her enjoy her wins, she deserves it.
When you one day win, would you like others to set up a nasty page???  NO!

This is the latest politics ladies, Not Nice.

Amy Robson winning at NSW 'Myer Fashions on the Field'
Congratulations, Relish your win.

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Story from Site
Queenslander to represent NSW! 
What do you think?
"Scandal in Fashions on the Field: Designer-propped model keeps winning cash, cars and overseas trips" - how she's done it >>

When Queenslander Amy Robson flew to Sydney for the NSW state finals for Myer's Fashions on the field on 6 October 2012, she wasn't alone: her grandmother Sandra Robson, a coveted hat designer and dress maker, was with her - just like on many other occasions where Amy won Fashions on The Field this year.

Sandra is the brain (and the very skilful hands) behind Amy's continuous success in winning fashion competitions around the country and snatching expensive prizes from under the noses of local entrants. She is also the only designer Amy had been wearing on her triumphant fashion winning run in 2012.

Let's see:

• 14 January 2012 - Winner of Magic Millions in QLD (won a trip to Paris for two and a Myer shopping spree)
• 5 May 2012 - Winner of Centrebet's South Australian Derby Day (won a brand new Volkswagen Polo)
• 9 June 2012 - Winner of David Jones' Stradbroke Day in QLD (won a trip to Hong Kong for two and a David Jones shopping spree)
• 16 June 2012 - Winner of Ipswich Cup in QLD (won $1,000 cash)
• 1 September 2012 - Second runner-up in Myer's QLD state finals (won $300 shopping voucher + $300 Antler luggage package)
• 6 October 2012 - Winner of Myer's NSW State finals ($1000 Myer shopping voucher, Antler luggage pack + $10,000 trip to Melbourne Cup for two, representing NSW in the national competition and chance to win Lexus Convertible worth $85,000)

Each and every time Amy had been wearing a Sandra Robson's designed outfit.

It is Sandra Robson who researches the latest fashions when creating her granddaughter's outfits and hats, which Amy Robson then models on the catwalk. Sandra also has an insider knowledge of judging Fashions on the Field.

With Amy winning the NSW finals (after coming third in her home state of QLD), Sandra Robson's designed outfit is now well set to potentially win 2012 Myer Fashions on the Field national competition with a prize pool valued at $400,000, including a Lexus IS 250C sports convertible.

Myer Fashions on the Field Terms and Conditions prohibit commercial promotion of a brand or designer, or entering the competition on behalf of a third person, which seems to have been overlooked in the case of this victorious duo.

Sandra Robson continues to successfully sell her hats and increase her brand's visibility, as well as make new outfits for her pretty granddaughters to enter more Fashions on the Field competitions (Amy's sister Ashleigh has not been doing much of modelling lately but had been quite active in the past walking fashion catwalks in her grandmother's designs).

The judges of NSW state finals Laura Dundovic ( Myer Ambassador), Leona Edmiston (Myer Designer), Angela Menz (2011 Myer Fashions on the Field National Winner), Damien Woolnough (The Australian), Glynis Traill-Nash (The Sunday Telegraph), Ros Reines (The Sunday Telegraph), Monique Santos (Grazia) and Stephanie Bell (Victoria Racing Club) chose Amy Robson on the basis of merit, and there is no argument: Amy looked great. Her dress with beaded peplums wore a striking resemblance to Toni Matisevski's beaded peplum dress as worn by Rebecca Judd during the launch of Myer's 50-Years of Fashions on the Field in August 2012, but who compares.

The questions that many are asking:

• Should a professional designer be allowed to continuously enter her designs and win multiple Fashions on the Field competitions (and substantial prizes) or is it a violation of the Rules?

• Does having a professional designer (and an experienced Fashions of the Field judge) designing outfits give an unfair competitive advantage to the entrant?

• Should Amy Robson be allowed to take the title of Fashions on the Field National Winner (representing the state of NSW) in the upcoming Melbourne Cup national finals?

She seems to be well set to do just that.

Fashions on the Field national competition is sponsored by Myer, Lexus and Victoria Racing Club.

More information about NSW final of the Fashions on the Field can be found here:

Advice from a reader who pointed out this was not an Aurelio Costerella Dress.

 First of all.. The dress that Bec Judd is wearing is a "maticevski" not an Aurelio 
Secondly, it is wrong to "name and shame" someone else without consent without putti
ng your own name to these views.
Thirdly- it is in my view that she is doing nothing wrong, it's her grandma. I would love if my grandma could make me outfits like Amy's.
I competed against Amy in Adelaide and she was the clear standout winner, there were no hard or "jealous" feelings. Fashions on the field is a game/competition and people don't win because it's fair to share the winnings around, the best dressed wins on the day and Amy is cleary that at all the races she wins.
You have clearly spent some time "researching" this, and unfortunately I think it was a bit of a waste of time

Again I will say that Sandra Robson makes hats for 'The 

Hat Box'

Sandra Robson loves her grand daughters and after having 

sons is overwhelmed to be able to spend time with her 

grand daughters and make them beautiful couture.

Sandra Robson does not have a label, she is a loving 


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