Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Who Are These Visitors and When Are They Coming?

Today is the birthday of a very dear friend and I was making sure he was going to have a wonderful dinner and use the good China.
This brought me to a thought of looking at the multiple 'Good China' sets that mum has stored away in cupboards.  I would look at them as she would take them out, just to look at mind you, and I she would admire every plate and make a place setting showing how beautiful it looked as if it belonged in a department store window.
I looked in adoration as a child, thinking, wow, how beautiful.
I remembered asking mum, "When are we going to use these?"
Mum Replied, "They are for visitors."
I was satisfied with that comment as a child, but I waited for these visitors, and some visitors would come for dinner, but alas the 'Good China' never was taken from the cupboard.
These visitors were obviously not good enough for the 'Good China'.

Now I have my own home and have the extra  luxuries of having 'Good China, Crystal and table settings', I have them always on hand.

Before I had my little Mottsters, every night my husband and I would dine on the 'Good China' and I still use Waterford to drink Champagne.  Why not??
If you and your family are not good enough for the 'Good China', Who is????

I am sure allot of people will remember the 'Good China' tales from their mum, something that always gives me a smile thinking today is a great day to live.  Everyday is special, EVERYDAY!

This story is dedicated to my dear friend Jc, Happy Birthday. xxxxx

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  1. My dear your story about ..."The Good China" darling Grandmama....her name was Edna...she would hold court every Sunday afternoon at our house...with her close neighbourhood gals....and get out her willow blue china set and proceed to "make pretty"with her plates.Her scones were legendary to say the least...and her plum jam was always displayed in her crystal lalique bowl accompanied by an antique silver spoon....oh how she loved her teapot.....everyone of her friends loved Russian Russian peko it was and as she poured the tea she would start up a conversation about the kind of weather we were having!.....I miss her rituals...lots of love as always...Melwitz..xx