Thursday, 26 July 2012

Perri Cutten Racing Fashion Tends 2012, 80% Made in Australia

Having the pleasure of being toured around the Headquarters of Perri Cutten in Richmond, there is one thing for sure it makes you proud to be an Australian and we manufacture such high quality beautiful garments.  I  was taken on an exclusive tour of Perri Cutten to understand the story behind the 8 month process of bringing the Racing Fashion Styles to being.
For the full story, click here.

In short the look is the influence of the Pastels and lace that is going to take us well into next year, so invest in beautiful lace garments.
Another hit is going to be the scarf print.  Scarfs are going to come back this season and my favourites are Heremes, but of course I go for my local favourite Christopher Graf.  Click Here for his site.
Perri Cutten this year has particularly thought about a fantastic Racing Fashion collection that can not only be fantastic at the track it will look fabulous as cocktail wear, weddings and the office.
Importantly the prints are right now, and I am totally in love with the cowl neck scarf top with a suit, Tres Chic.
Again the 20s takes focus with beautiful lace and smart dressing with the black sides, for instant trim.
Here a a few looks to muse over.

Headwear by Kim Fletcher Millinery Art, Click Here

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