Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ashy Bines I don't think is just a dumb blonde.

Recently in Australia Ashy Bines, or some have dubbed (Trashy Bines) has been inundated with Facebook Friend Requests and wanting to know how to get her fabulous 'Bikini Body'.
The Diet industry, Slimming industry whatever you want to call it, is a multi billion dollar industry in every western society, with everyone looking for a quick fix.  The is no such thing, and either you are genetically blessed or not.
Ashy Bines, has probably made a heap of money and profile that has allowed herself to have a nice little income and get herself booked for lad mags such as Zoo.  If that is her aim, good on her.  Although she is shattering the dreams of allot of women promising them their weight loss goals.
Weight loss is quite honestly more in people's mind than their body.  This is not always just an issue of stopping someone from eating and motivating their exercise.  People are their shape for a reason and that cannot be found on the internet or google.  It comes from health care professionals, monitoring a life plan of healthy eating habits and regular exercise.
Anyone who is following her, I would say would be allot of young boys that cannot access porn,but it is not a weight loss plan for life.
The way to get Ashy Bines body is easy,  Here are the rules.

You have to be 20, give or take a year.
Eat moderately well as your metabolism has not yet started to slow down.
Get some hair extensions and a spray tan.
A great photographer.
A great lighting guy.
An assistant to direct you if needed.
I can guarantee the photos you see have been airbrushed and are totally unrealistic expectations of what you should expect from any diet.

Being almost 40, I had a fantastic body when I was in my 20s, but now heading to 40 I love my body even more.  Not because of my figure, but because I am me and all the imperfections make it perfect.

Anyone wanting to look like this and believe they will look in the mirror one day and look like that are totally delusional.  If you are silly enough to believe this trash, and more ridiculously pay for it, good on Ashy Bines.

In no way do we endorse the facebook page or images of Ashy Bines.  My computer alerted me straight away there are many virus's awaiting a click of my finger to invade my computer.

The above images are taken from the Ashy Bines Facebook Page and are copyright to the page and Harlem Productions.

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  1. I love this :)
    I also created 2 blogs informing the public of what it really is all about, but also included links to the diet plan files, so that others can make decisions for themselves :)