Monday, 30 July 2012

Champagne Theft at the RACES!!!!!

Although I am on track every week, one thing is for sure, I am always wanting to look the best and be the best I can be.  I adore heading to the track in Winter and sometimes some roughies get up with the slow track paying $80 the win in the maiden.  The Trifecta and First 4 paid a treat but alas, not for me.  My husband and I had a wonderful day and I am still on my mission to try and see how many looks I can get out of 1 Herve Leger dress.  With the way the cost, why not, you would want to wear them every week to get your moneys worth, and I am and also a great warm dress during Winter and to add with Opaque Hosiery.
The biggest talking point in the 'Winning Post Restaurant' with the staff and the regular guests was that last time my Champagne was stolen, Yes Stolen.
Lust time, (two weeks ago) there was a table of mature people drinking 'Yellow', I had only had two glasses all day (I had a headache) and when I went to the bathroom at the end of the day the bottle had gone when I arrived back to the table.
I spoke to the staff and said I had not finished, they said they had not taken the bottle as only half had been touched.  This in no way was the staffs fault, it was someone helping themselves.
They searched the bins out the back and could not even find the bottle as I was the only person who had decided to drink that Champagne.
The 'Yellow' people were looking very shady although I was not blaming them!
The staff and managers apologised and opened a new bottle for me to drink and I could not finish it, I know what a waste!
When 'Yellow' people left their table, the empty bottle had been stashed under their table.  I could not believe someone would steal a bottle of Champagne in a fine dining restaurant.
Hope you love the snaps from last Saturday, poor Mark Gatt out in the rain, I really did feel for him, but still getting allot of looks out of Herve.

Again Herve, and I know my hair down, you hardly ever see it, but my husband loves it down.
Arthur Galan Felt Fedora, Thurley Neckpiece

Thurley Ring and neckpiece

My favourite Prada bag that my husband purchased for me for mothers day for being pregnant with his first child.
Love the flower fairies.

When spotting the fake Prada flower fairies, they do not have the sheen on the leather and it is not supple,  the leather on the fakes is very hard.  

HMMM, yes, this is a replica of the Champagne in question, Gone Missing in Action!

Love a luncheon

Love Racing for a cause.

Houston we have a Problem!  My husband had spilled his drink over all his tips and it was only the 2nd race.

Jamie Mott Riding in the Burgundy, my husbands cousin.

Mark Gatt working BBBRRRRR! x

Tia Maria on the side of my Latte

Always a rainbow!

My Smart Glasses when I want to look intelligent or be able to see, by Blumarine.

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