Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Terrace at Flemington, Champagne, Cheese and Cheers

One thing is the most fabulous thing in the world, enjoying our table at the 'Terrace' at Flemington.  Of course the delights of the Melbourne Skyline that would make any track in the world envious, but the service and attention to detail is superb.  Of course having the Vintage MUMM is a delight but in order to keep myself enjoying all day and not paying the next day I always have sparkling water, bitters and a slice of lemon in between.  Plus this is a perfect palate cleanse.  As most know I am not a sweet tooth, but I always finish with cheese and the 'Black Label' of King Island Cheese was the perfect way to enjoy dessert wine and coffee with Tia Maria.  Next time you are enjoying a latte, (and not driving) add a shot of Tia Maria.  No Sugar Required.

Next week is back to Caulfield at the winning post with my husband coming home with empty pockets after the quaddie and big 6 loss.  Never mind, at least our bellies are full.

Loving my Arthur Galan Fedora matched with Vintage Scarf and GMK Cuff.

Racing Fashion Goes to a whole new level when dining.  Every week is racing fashion, just not when you are entering fashions on the field.

Arthur Galan Black Felt Fedora, Vintage Scarf, GMK Cuff, Mimco Earrings, Louvisa Ring.

Trying to see how many looks I can acquire out of 1 Herve Leger Dress.

Totally in love with my McQueen Bag.

Try and Stay Away from the Carbs!

Sparkling Schweppes, with Bitters and a slice of Lemon.

Love Fat Latte, Oh, and just to be naughty a shot of Tia Maria on the side.

Top her up, Voila! x

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