Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Pacific Ocean is Now my Riviera and I am HERE!

10 years ago Venus passed earth, although in Australia you could not see it. It was on the other side of the world.

12 years ago I was standing on a balcony thinking how on earth did I get here.

I was standing in the penthouse of the Martinez hotel in Cannes overlooking the Riviera. This was before facebook, social media, and it was a big thing to have a website. Now, unless you are 'Lady GaGa' it is a bit embarrassing to have a 'site'.

I never mixed in the 'Hollywood' Crowd, but I did spend my 30th birthday with Liv Tyler at the Ivy. (well had to name drop) Sat next to Trudi Styler and mixed company with Kelsey Grammer.

Something I learnt was to shut up until spoken to. I sat and I listened. I sat and I listened to the biggest learning curve in my life. Sit in the meetings and surmise. Why was I there?

I sat there for when the dealing became heavy and heated. There were finances being swung around the room with majority share holders of music and TV industry. What did I do??? I listened! I observed!!!!

Quite insulting for poor Marilyn Monroe to be seen as the dumb blonde where she had the world in her back pocket.

After when things became heated and fury of all parties would be on fire, the only place left to look in the room was at me. For the opposition to ask me how my day has been and what I think of the weather?

Do you really think that they cared about my day or how the weather was outside?

Ha ha,

Thank you NAPTE and MIPCOM for being my training ground in Europe and America. It is funny that now no one is asking me how my day is or how the weather is!

I have been told what to eat, how to sing, how to live, who to date, smile at such and such, sit next to that person, ring this person.

Now I don't have to be told!

I'm your Venus!!!

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