Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"Just Sayin, there was an earthquake. It is like so OVER!"

What amazes me is the ability of people to want to say 'I did it first!'.

Last night as you may be aware in Melbourne, Australia, an earthquake hit which is very abnormal for a country with no fault lines.

Twitter and Facebook went into meltdown, everyone wanted to report the news and 'Share', but who thought of it first.
Images started coming in thick and fast for an hour of the picnic table and chairs, saying 'We will rebuild'.
For an hour there was people calling each other and a facebook frenzy of reporting the 'Quake', one poor person that headed to the computer a little bit later, an hour, said, “Did anyone feel that Quake!”.
It was like, “Sorry, hunny.” Everyone filing their nails for the next exciting facebook instalment, “That is like so OVER!”
With this up to the minute reporting and spending time on the computer, our energies are not properly being utilised. There have been allot of debates recently in the physics world about time speeding up.
Is it that time is speeding up? Or our brains speeding up?

When I take my energy away from this work, I seem to be able to have a full day, doing lots of activities, but time flys when on the computer.

By the way, I love the word Du Jour on Facebook Right now that seems to be, “Just Sayin!”  

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