Tuesday, 28 February 2012

She is Up Herself

Loving one self is allot different form narcissistic behaviour and totally obsessed. At a recent meeting, someone made the comment that “She loves herself!”. Yes, this person does like herself and she is groomed well and a confident person. Liking the person you are and having confidence should not mean you are put in the boat of being 'Up yourself' as many put it.
In this time of living where social media is classed as normal where grammar, spelling and hand writing are put on the back burner, what does it hurt for someone not to hate themselves to another. This poor woman is well liked, and attractive, but why push the hate button for her, she has done nothing wrong. In fact I am finding people seem to be so critical of others ways they are putting others mannerisms it in front of seeing their own faults.
I wish there was a love button on facebook, and we are just lucky there is not a dislike button! Can you imagine???
I want people to think of themselves as good people that are not destructive to others, people that do stand out in the crowd should not be ashamed to be who they want to be. If that is their worst fault in loving themselves, bring it on!
Others will always put you down so why not hold your head up high and enjoy what you are doing. Don't even care what anyone else is doing. There are so many people that want to see others fail so they can snatch a rung up the social ladder, embrace everyone’s achievements and congratulate instead of self loathing.


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