Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Great Autumn Debate.

Above, “The gorgeous Mildred Ellwood winning the Oaks Ladies Day Millinery Award in an abstract Felt bicorn by Steve Harrison” 

Magic Millions mid Summer Carnival was a blessing with Spring over and done with. So glad we can pop on a plane and head to the next major fashions event on the calendar being Mid Summer Carnival, but now as we head into Blue Diamond time, we know all the discrepencies regarding Autumn headwear.
Lately I have been asked by many readers about the felt versus straw debate, I posed this question to Philip Treacy when he was here during Spring Racing Carnival last year and he simply said, there are no rules and placed a gorgeous felt piece on my head and smiled. (Oh my goodness, it was during Spring!)
I explained about the die hard rules in Australia, and Treacy said, “It comes down to common sense.”
In Australia we are blessed with the best racing calendar of any nation and we have to adjust our headwear accordingly. There is a hat suitable for every occasion. Most important one, is the 'Crash Hat', that our most adored jockeys wear, but suitability for the day does depend on the weather. One thing is for sure that in Australia our UV Index is extreem, even on over cast days, so if you have not applied your 30 plus I would definitely recommend a wide brim. Alternatively on a windly day, (as I have experienced first hand) you don't want to be dragged away in the wind. Felt is a beautiful decadent material along with velvet, so if you feel the temperature slipping, why not have the excuse to wear that felt that has been hidden with your fur coats.
When deciding on a piece, speak to your milliner, I feel that sometimes felt South of Queensland can be way too heavy to wear, but it is an individual choice. We all have different comfort temperatures so if you are getting too panicy about it, try tran seasonal headwear which can be material, blooms, feathers and the list is endless.
Do not limit yourself.

Above is the beautiful Sally Anne Marshall wearing Amanda Macor.
Super Saturday two years ago started with temperatures over 30o and then a storm came over and looked like Flemington was covered in snow.  Know one could have known, no faux pas here!

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