Sunday, 12 February 2012

Black Caviar has taken over!!!

We love our champions in Australia and two of the biggest are Pharlap and Makybe Diva. Is the Black beauty the next to take on this role of a champion in history? Everyone knows that during financial woes, there is nothing like a champion at the track to take our minds off the economic gloom and doom. Black Caviar seems to have solved that problem. There are Black Caviar T'Shirts, Caps, Fridge Magnets, Cufflinks and the colours of Salmon with Black Polka Dots are now a copyright item. That is right, if you ask for some material in those colours you are now going to have to ask the owners of Black Caviar!
This horse is undoubtedly a champion and the best we have seen in some time, but there are questions being raised amongst the die hard in the racing community saying that she is only winning weight for age and that she has not come across any huge champions yet. Southern Speed definitely gave her something to think about on Saturday with Black Caviar simply stretching her canter in the straight to lead home on the turn only seeming to just break a sweat at the finish line making it look all too easy. That is what is bringing the huge crowds. There were so many owners and entourage of Black Caviar, the rule of only 10 owners in the mounting yard was completely out the window. There were no seats to spare for other owners as Black Caviar's owner entourage which is growing at a rate of knots with a Black Caviar Cheer Squad to Boot!
One of my first memories as a child was heading to the track to see the retirement of 'Reckless'. I had no idea that the fond memory of patting a horse trotting around would ignite such grand adoration.
My father asked me to look at Tommy Woodcock and said, “One day you will realise what this man is about.” I sat and watched him as a young child and studied the way he was talking to the others and the way he had a watchful eye over his horses like it was still yesterday.
If we can instill these precious memoris into our children that the track can be more than just a place for gambling and drinking but can bring the community of Australia together and give us family days cherished, that is a great place to be.
I salute Black Caviar touring the racecourses like Gaga touring the world and would it not be wonderful to see lady Gaga wearing Black Caviar colours on stage. Well we can wish!

The dishes served at the races are even all about her!

Reckless Above

Reckless and Tommy Woodcock

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