Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mornington 2012, Ladies 18 - 40

Ok, getting in really late last night and dealing with a baby with a head cold and very swollen feet, I waited until the morning to breeze through the young ladies from Mornington, everyone will be showcased so I do please be patient.  In order to get the story onto the main site with all of the photos does take allot of time.  I just want to show some of the outfits that quickly stood out to me yesterday and there were plenty.  It is so hard to predict Melbourne weather, but please do take into consideration the climate being over 30o.  It was a scorcher!  Dark tones and colours were just too dark although some ladies look fabulous.  Congratulations to Melissa Buchanan looking stunning in a Danica Erard hat, winning the 18 - 40 ladies.  More to come soon on

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