Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Loving Laurent

As I munched away on my smoked salmon and rye, I loved watching my children enjoy the delicacies of the patisserie.  Fetching all the fetta of my son's pumpkin tart, he then starts in on the strawberries and cream tart, wearing half of the custard.  My daughter muses over hers to delicately eat the Strawberries, then the custard, leaving only a shell of pastry like a true lady.  The difference between Boys and Girls.  xxxxx

Did you know that it is becoming a copyright issue to photograph cakes??
As I was walking along I decided to take another photo of a cake shop and I was far away, just to talk about cakes and I was told to stop.  As I did tell the owners of Laurent I was going to talk about them online they did not seem to mind, but the cup cakes at the other shop definitely have issues being photographed.  This is a very sad state of affairs, that cup cakes are feeling that they have issues being photographed.  Again, I think allot of people are a little too PRECIOUS!
There cakes for goodness sake, not Shakespeare!

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