Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Australia's Aurelio Costerella

Why we love him.

It is not just that he is a fantastic designer, he is also a really, REALLY lovely person.  He also dresses Australia's A list, such as the beautiful Jenifer Hawkins and Danni Minogue just to mention a couple.  His designs are young, innovative and fresh with a fantastic price point.
What a pleasure to have such a wonderful person in our Australian Fashion Talent and fantastic price point.  Aurelio is a winner all round and we love seeing his designs on the Fashions on the Field circuit.  Many of his designs are found in the trendy Melbourne boutique Ganache Anthea.

I simply cannot wait until we see the Autumn/Winter fashions for 2012 Myer parade, where I am sure Aurelio Costerella will have a strong presence.

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