Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Playing Favourite at Mornington

Today was the fantastic Mornington Fashions on the Field and I tell you this was not an easy decision.  I have come forward with just a few of the favourite shots from the millinery award today and don't worry there are plenty more to come so never fear.  Today the beautiful Breanne Fanning, showed why she is just not just the face of Country Racing Victoria, but showed off the beauty of her Aunts Millinery, Mandy Fanning's millinery.  A simplistic yet very forward shape in a striking colour on a gorgeous girl.  Sheer Brilliance, please be patient as I sort through some 3000 photos to get them online on, but for now here is a teaser.  Again to all, thank you all for competing in a very tough competition in one of the most difficult line ups I have ever had to judge.  I truly applaud you all in your fashion savvy ensembles and take great delight in sifting throught the  1000s of photos to pick out my favourite.  You are all fabulous and brilliant.  Mornington is showing Racing Fashion Australia how it is done!

Just a sneak peek at what is coming.

You were all fabulous!

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