Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lanvin is ticking all the boxes

No matter what people are staying and how fashionable bloggers are showing us their daily attire, everyone is hurting.  We don't want to see celebrities dripping in their gowns wearing the latest and greatest.  What do the people want???
People we can relate to, Lanvin is honing right into this area and it is hugely successful.
Lanvin is not showing us couture beyond the reach of us, but what is real and what real people are feeling comfortable with.
Although we cannot get enough of Daphne in her Dior a licious cat wearing advert, let us all get real and understand that fashion is about expression.  We have lost the lust to look like these adorable models, but we are all wanting to just be us in clothes that expresses us.

We don't want to be anyone else anymore, the dream of being stigmatized into fitting a stereotypical model of airbrushed and perfection is now over.  More than ever we want to represent ourselves and express ourselves and be heard.

I do talk allot, but my aim is not to always talk, but to listen.  I talk to many women on track and just in normal surrounds.  This is how I can relate to the public through extending my listening into these words.

We are all making a difference.  Now in the world of advertising, we don't want to be the clone.  Lanvin you are brilliant and you are listening to a market and a world that is in financial despair.  Instead of trying to give us the dream to be the illustrious vixen, we are happy with who we are, we just want to represent ourselves in our own style.  Thank you for listening Lanvin, a big risk, but now everyone is listening to you.

Anna Mott

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