Friday, 17 August 2012

GFC, big traders say NO to Advertise!

As we are currently hit hard in the Global Financial Crisis, retail is struggling. The rag trade is not doing well and the stores have the competition of cheap online labels, with no gst and sales tax, not to mention overheads of staff, rent, shopfitting, electricity and more.

Recently I have been invited to the exclusive parade of Carla Zampatti in her home and then given invitation to Perri Cutten to peruse their Spring Carnival range and understand their interpretation of this season.

Racing Fashion Australia (website) was formed over 5 years ago with very loyal support from very few sponsors and any people have helped me of which I have given them free advertising.

The larger rag traders have now approached me for editorial advertising on my site and to use images of garments to entice the Racing Fashion public.
I am always happy to help, so I say sure send me through an email and I will look to see if the range is suitable and help with a story.
Over the past 5 years, free advertising has been given and now even my personal Facebook page has become prime advertising position.

When I talk about the labels, I will not mention the name, but I then asked if they would care as a gesture for a ridiculously cheap advert and their answer was, they don't advertise. This seems strange to me, that someone would want to use an area of space which has 8000-12,000 hits a week and during Spring Carnival last year exceeded 30,000 hits per week.

I run my business at a huge loss, but my mission is to gain awareness to fashion and what ALL women want to wear. Women are not one shape or size and we want choice. Just because we have children and we mature does not mean we don't still want to feel fabulous.

I am so happy to promote the people who help believe in my vision that the fashion at the track will never die, and this does not just mean 'Fashions on the Field'. My vision is to celebrate all people heading to the track, male and female, feeling wonderful in what they are doing and heading for a great day out.

This year is going to showcase the best of Racing Fashion on Racing Fashion TV and the next season is going to ruffle the feathers in the 'Birdcage' as Racing Fashion goes Haute. Special Guest Co-Host??????

I will always promote the products I love, fashion forecast, Australian Fashion, and what I think is fabulous. 

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