Friday, 3 August 2012

40 this month with two children under 4 and never felt so fabulous!

40 must be the new fabulous. I am feeling more empowered and comfortable in my being than ever before. Racing Fashion is forever evolving and with a shoot with the amazing Madam Virtue, JC and Dean with Matt Wren at the lens I knew I would be taken care of.
Certainly I was shocked when recently I have been asked to model and do couture fashion shoots, but it seems that with Lanvin taking on ladies the right side of fabulous and Advanced Style being such a hit, 40 is the new fabulous.
This shoot has been brought together with the genius of Madam Virtue with their abundance of talent and couture garments which made me feel Racing Fashion Fabulous. We have incorporated this shoot with 'Racing Fashion TV, Season 4, Behind the Sash', to bring a brilliant product.
This advert does bring me to a bare minimum, but Racing Fashion will represent the most beautiful designers this year with colour brimming and marvellous millinery adorning our heads.
Milliners have never been so busy with one new comer telling me “no need for advertising”, as she has practically sold out before Spring has Sprung.
The colours this year will be representative of the Pantone Fashion Palette as well as well fitting couture garments that are one of a kind.
Remember the dinner set that only comes out for visitors, well I think you are worth being the 'VISITOR' every day. Everyday as a woman we should, (when we are not playing mum) give ourselves the time to wear that fabulous dress to lunch. We should wear those special pieces. If we are not good enough for them right now, when will be good enough?
Yes, we are doing it tough financially, but really to get dressed up and have a coffee, does not cost much. I miss the days of sitting with my friends for coffee and catching up on the latest news and shoes. We would always admire one another’s outfits and stroll looking at shops musing, we did not have to purchase. I love blogs, but sometimes I feel that we are spending too much time on the phone and even when I go to a cafe I see people sit down at the table and bring out their I phones. This is taking away from conversation and the art of keeping company.
Big changes are happening in Racing Fashion and ladies, grace, elegance, and classic couture is never out of fashion.

Vintage Christain Dior Dress encrusted with Pearl and Porcelain, Jonathan Howard Hatmaker Swarovski Headpiece, Christian Louboutin Heels, Vivienne Westwood hosiery, Vintage Handbag, Vintage Chanel Pearls with Cross, Vintage Pearl Ring.
Photography, Matthew Wren
Styled by JC, Madam Virtue

Madam Virtue Couture Gown, Pearls are a private collection.

Vintage Hat from Madam Virtue, Vintage Chanel Earrings, Vintage Givenchy Scarf and Vintage Fur all by Madam Virtue.

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