Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Another Legend Dies, RIP Anna.

Today I had the pleasure of attending the sublime Haute Couture Collection of Madam Virtue, in case you did not know is my favourite Haute Couture label with amazing gowns and the most beautiful accessories.  In saying this one of my favourite ladies that I look up to has passed today.  Anna Piaggi.  May you rest in Peace.
Today when Phillip Boon was talking he turned to Jenny Bannister, another Australian Fashion Icon who I admire and gives me inspiration to believe in myself and not to be scared to take risks.  The beautiful Bannister wore her signature colourful style, that I asked today, "Are you a little Queensland inspired?",
to take away from the hum drum Melbourne beat of Black and White.
The Amazing Ms Bannister paid homage to one of her icons, wearing Blue Hair.
If we do not have these amazing people stepping out of the box to show us how much fun fashion can be and how to capture people spirit through an outfit, where are we heading?
I am so happy that people push my boundaries in fashion, Dean Hewitt and  JC Llyod,Southwell d'Anvers.

I am sorry, I do not find Sarah Jessica Parker a particular style Icon, she is a character that is constantly styled.
I do find that Anna Piaggi and Isabella Blow, Anna Della Russo and even the stiff upper lip of Anna Wintour the ladies I look to as well as the amazing Jenni Bannister, Australian Icon.  Kelli Hush, now editor of Bazaar is keeping the magazine in keeping with the age group and coming from Grazia is definitely growing the monthly magazine to a must have addition.  I am sure Kelli also has had it from me going on about hats, but alas the last 2 covers or Bazaar do have hats.  Yes the hat is BACK!

In Summary, I had the pleasure to greet one of Anna Piagi's friends today, who was a fashion palette within herself and her dear friend of 90. 

She said I looked wonderful, which was lovely and she asked about my fashion hero's.

I said, you are!  Ladies of yesteryear who wore a beautiful garment to every occasion for and dressed for everything.  I am not the best China that sits in the cupboard that waits to be brought out for the visitors.  I am that visitor, I am worth being my best everyday.

Anna Piaggi, did tell that in 1972 Vintage is going to be the thing to wear.  

Right on ANNA!

I HEAR YOUR FROM THE GRAVE, and I will keep praising your words.

Ladies who dress for an occasions and are not scared to step out of the box, you are my idols. 
I appreciate youth in beautiful garments, but mature ladies, you are my mentors, I follow you and love you.

RIP Anna Piaggi, you will be sadly missed.

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