Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chanel, Dior, Largefeld, Madam Virtue, Names, Names, Names Darling!

In case you may have wondered where I was on Wednesday, it was not the opening of Zara. It was the wonderful Haute Couture Show of Madam Virtue that is located in Crossley Street Melbourne, where an unmentionable show host flaunted her birthday couture in aid of Racing Fashion.
Located behind the Prince in St Kilda the refurbished Circa Restaurant not only had our taste buds humming with delectable delights but the Laurent Pirrier danced on our taste buds to begin and dine through the formidable Couture.
Hosted by the Zestful Phillip Boon from 'Fashion Torque', with the ever lovable 'Jenny Bannister', we were treated to a spectacle of Haute Couture that is to rival Paris.
Although Winter flu did have me feeling under the weather, I was in Princess mode wearing Cassini, couturier to Jackie O, OH, no, not that Aussie one and Princess Grace. Thank you so much JC and Dean of Madam Virtue finding all my curves in all the right places with the perfect dress.
One thing is for sure when you are attending a Haute Couture event, it is all about the fashion that was far far ahead of anything I have seen in catwalks in Australia that I can remember. All Garments were flawless with the finest attention to detail. Embellished with Chanel and Pearls there were no errors just magnificence and huge applaud. JC and Dean take a bow.
Tom From Couturing, always such a pleasure, you are a gem and the gorgeous it is such a wonderful place to be in wonderful company with other bloggers writers, reporting on our favourite thing. No rivalry amongst us only accolades to each others achievements. Thank you Madam Virtue and Circa, not to mention that we raised funds for the Prahran Mission for people in need. A day for mindfulness and fashion.

Jenny Bannister in her Anna Piaggi memorial Blue Hair with Dean Hewitt.

We love you Jenny Bannister, a forefront of Australian Design, and love to mention that she is one of my mentors.  Brilliant Designer as well as a wonderful person. 

Matt Wren, I see you!

Gorgeous, Dean Hewitt

Dean and beautiful Equestrienne, Katharine. x

So loved JC with Jenny

Tom from

giggles and smiles with Freya

More photos to come at

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  1. thank you so much Anna for your beautiful words- it was indeed a SPLENDID afternoon, one to be treasured! Look forward to seeing you more in Melbourne!