Saturday, 11 August 2012

Before the Bubble Burst!

I was watching an amazing documentary the other day on how the Global Financial Crisis began and how there was such a big bubble that no one knew was going to burst.  Big banks, then little lenders coming into the picture and allowing people to mortgage to the hilt when they had no Capital.
When these smaller banks went broke because there was not enough for the smaller banks to gain back their investment.  Of course the big banks think they are doing so well because there are less and less smaller lenders.
I like to think of these photos of before the bubble burst.  All these people with their head in the sand having no idea that their investments are about to pop!
No one is doing it easy and no one can pay their bills, Why?
Because everyone was greedy and wanted to build things too quickly like a monopoly board, instead of being happy with what they had they wanted it to get bigger and bigger and kept getting loans.
Tip, pay off your first loan before you get another.

It is a while before this economy is going to get better so we have to ride the storm and spend where we can to keep  going.  If we all stop spending, major Recession, well really we are there, Depression!

It is not bad to mix op shop items to Haute Couture, keep it fresh and keep it real.  One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers for Santa Barbara Magazine 2010.

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