Sunday, 29 April 2012

When I say "Bite Me", I don't mean it!!!!

Obviously I have been off line for a few days, but the people following me on Facebook and Twitter would have know the story of my Horse Bite, Yes, a horse Bite.
I have been high as a kite and unable to walk and sleep and after 5 days still have no feeling in my leg.
Missing horse riding incredibly I decided to take a friend riding on the beach forgetting they are trail riding nags.  The horses I owned would never have had any vices, I have no time for rude animals.
We decided to have a chat and my horse decided to kick out at my friends horse and then a 17 hand buckskin decided to aggressively bite me instead of the horse.  I was belly aching the whole trip after letting a couple of F Bombs let loose making sure there were no children on the ride.  The ride was only 1/2 hour in with another 2 hours to go.  Everyone thought I was making a bit of a fuss, which I was.

When we arrived back at the trail ride place, I had to pull down my pant, (that must be why mum always says have you clean undies on???) and everyone understood why I was in so much pain.  I have been on codine and panadine forte and then Morphine, looking like a druggo and sleeping half the day with only being able to sleep on one side.

Today I have broken through the pain barrier, it has been drained twice and Japanese burning acupuncture.  I have been taking anything and everything to bring out the bruising and as you can see, the bruising is coming out quite well.

Moral to the story, never ask anyone to kiss your butt, because if you are not watching, those B*%&^s may BITE!!!!  ha ha, Gotta Laugh.

That night

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Today, day 5

On a lighter note, I did see 2 golden orb spiders that are incredibly good luck.

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