Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dining at Nautilus

Over the past weeks I have been blessed enough to have a few dinners out with my beautiful husband enjoying what I would have to say is the best dining experience I know of.  This is a regular spot of Bill Clinton, Kylie, and so many of the world's most well known, although because of the private nature of the set up, you would never know who you are sitting next to.  One of most pleasurable experiences is being able to dine at Nautilus and drink a fantastic Vintage Champagne.  Here are some of the snaps, and it makes me hungry thinking about it.  So when you visit the Far North of Queensland, this is the spot to hit.  I would not say it is on the Cheap side, but there are definitely no children allowed and the ambiance is second to none.

Pol Roger Vintage 2000

The most decadent chocolate/Hazelnut pudding

Roast Duck Ravioli

Fresh Tiger Prawn in Asian dressing in lime Jelly.

Crab Pot stickers, with caramalised pineapple and peanut brittle

Pork Belly, cooked to perfection with Apple Cinnamon Souffle 

Well done with Truffle Mash

Barramundi with cauliflower puree and lobster sauce

Vintage 2000

Raspberry Souffle

When having oysters, you will never see me eat an oyster from a buffet.  They must a) be freshly shucked, b) be 'a' grade, and c) flinch when you put lemon on them.  Now that is fresh!

Signature Barramundi with Asian sauce, sheer brilliance.

Just to leave you hungry, have a look at the sauce inside the pudding.  Too Good.

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