Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carla Zampatti 2012 Spring Summer

Photo from Carla Zampatti Facebook Page, Click Here.

Still pinching myself. 5 years ago when I started Racing Fashion Australia I had not idea what so ever that I would be sitting in not only one of Australia's most respected fashion designers home, but sit with masses of fashions 'A' list of Australia. Carla Zampatti generously opened the doors of her home to fashion royalty in Australia to experience her 2012 Spring Summer collection and I could not have been more excited for the racing fashion community.
Whenever any Lady walks past a Carla Zampatti window, there is always a wow factor sitting in the window, saying, yes Carla had you in mind. That is right, Carla has you in mind, the Australian woman. Carla blesses us with her unique style that can integrate from the gorgeous Miranda Kerr of size, Victoria Secret to myself hitting 40 in August with a body of 2 children, to my mothers age which she calls 40 as well. Hmmmm, strange how that can work.
Carla Zampatti has such remarkable innovative style that can make any woman feel fabulous. The parade in the opulent surrounds of one of Sydneys most exclusive addresses would have been Posh Beckham worthy.
Although the designs were on glamerzonian beauties, there was something for everyone and it seems every box has been ticked. Think romance, think pastel and sorbet lace with a touch of Carla's unique statement colour of close the the Pantone colour of the year Tangerine, there was not a lady in the room that was not relating to this collection. Even though Barry Humphries was sitting in front of me, I could see he was taking notes for his client Dame Edna. May I add, Mr Humphries was saluting the millinery tradition like myself wearing a hat for the day. I was a little excited about Jonathan Howard's (Hatmaker) piece he had crafted for me, to be subtle enough to hight light my favourite Prada Lace suit although not detract from it. All in all, Romance, Pastel, and ladylike elegance. Carla Zampatti is going to be a huge hit come Spring Carnival this year and again transform the staple of Melbourne Derby Day from Black and white to a palette of gelato flavoured colours. Forget the heights of your hems as well ladies, unless you are wearing a balloon skirt or shorts, allow you hems to scoot across the floor. Get ready to head straight to the nearest lingerie store as you are going to have to adorn yourself in flesh coloured undergarments for the sheer nature of this collection. Bathers, Resort wear, Evening, Cocktail as well as office has all been covered, so look no further, Carla has spoken with no need to leave the tranquillity of her beautiful home. Sydney Welcome to Fashion Week!  

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