Friday, 6 April 2012

Me Time

Usually the thought of a flight makes me nauseous thinking I will be controlling my son who is about to hit 2 and my daughter 3 ½ who has to be entertained the whole time. Today is two and half hours of me time. So I pop on my favourite flats, ensure that I ask for the vegetarian meal being 'Good Friday', although I am not in anyway religious and take the opportunity to breeze through the racing sections and opinions on Black Caviar against Phar Lap. Then to top things off my favourite magazine with a huge double issue 'Grazia'. I never really blog about myself as it is usually what inspires me, as you all know day to day my life is well lets not say totally boring as I adore my two children and my husband is delicious as ever, but really, who would want to hear how many times my baby had his nappy changed and getting up at 3am for mummy duties, I know, it sounds like that movie, “I don't know how she does it!”, and to tell you the truth I don't.
One thing that I am blessed with is my husband makes sure I am happy and healthy, which as you all know lately has been a battle, but heading on top of things with daily doses of extra Iron to make sure I am not going to faint. My husband is now sounding like Sam Kekovich, who I may add is a top bloke, insisting I eat red meat at least once a day. Well, until tomorrow, like diets always start tomorrow.
Tonight I am meeting with my favourite Australian milliner, if not my favourite in the world! Yes, Jonathan Howard Hatmaker and my daughter has even made him an Easter drawing. I am picking up some of his latest shots and going to be posting them soon on the website so stay tuned. Sydney, you have all the little hidden gems up there, Neil Grigg, of course Jonathan, Nerida Winter, Suzy O'Rourke and the list goes on, but one issue I am particularly proud of is that I can see the '2012, Bring back the Hat, and Year of the Hat' reached it's pinnacle yesterday this is not just a proud moment for me, but for every hat wearer, milliner, supplier and crafts person. This is a little journey I am on, and most of you know the reason I love wearing a hat so much first came when I was very young, but at 33 when I lost my hair. For some reason it did not bother me that much, and I am glad because my hair again is coming out at a rate of knots, no pun intended, but hey, there are worst things in the world. Thank you for following and appreciating millinery, remember I am just talking about it and love tinkering with them, the milliners are the artists that make your outfit more than a dress!

Essential in flight reading.

The seats are getting better!

The meal does not look too shabby!

Essentials of travels, good reading, an it bag and comfy shoes!

There's only one Phar Lap

MMMM, they do Dukah! 

Anna and Jonathan playing. xxxxxx

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