Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Racing Fashion TV, 'Hall of Fame', Thank YOU!

OK, Before someone bursts my bubble, and tells me it is a joke, I cannot be more happy. Just when you think that all your efforts to showcase things are not doing anything and going no where, the Universe really does hit you for a 6!
Last night TVS informed me that I am going to be inducted into the TVS 'Hall of Fame', I am very blessed, but this is not just something for me. This is something for everyone in the racing community. This all started 5 years ago, wanting to showcase ladies on the track looking fabulous, as I went deeper into the industry of loving hats, I had the opportunity to meet the milliners. What a fabulous group of people. My journey has been tough and it is not easy trying to put a local TV show together on limited funds through a GFC. I know I am up against it with larger corporations trying to innovate my method which has strong copyrights behind it, as I had learnt being a singer and being stung by a record label.
I know I am not as polished as the presenters that you have on commercial TV, but I honestly care about the people I talk to, (sometimes I have cared to much). I am not skinny, I don't have good skin, and I am just a pretty average looking person. I love the track, I love the designers and I cannot shut up, I just get too excited.
The only downfall to the show is it is not funded, but either are the designers and the milliners like all artists that deserve a break. I look at the show and have been offered, lets say incentives, but I feel it would be selling out to the designers that are trying to make it and the milliners emerging. This is really exciting for hat wearers too. I love that I am seeing more and more hats being worn. Every milliner I speak to is important. It was wonderful to speak to Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, but you all have a voice and a point of view about your art! I love that hat makers have different interpretations of head wear and what suits one will not suit another.
This has made me more driven to showcase millinery and fashion designers and give them a hand in any way I know how. This has proven that the show is very well liked, I know I am not everyone's cup of tea, but I don't mind, you may be a coffee drinker.
Before my bubble bursts today and I have to change a dirty nappy, let us celebrate that we can all be different and embrace that we don't have to follow the crowd. I mean who wants to be normal anyway.
Season 4 is coming soon I promise, all I can say is thank you, (Gee you were lucky, I was not nominated for a Logie, imagine the speech, it would go on, and on, and on, and on) anyway, designers, competitors, milliners and the really nice celebrities who are not up themselves, you are my inspiration.

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