Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Presents for my friends, Hermes. xxxxxx

Although I have two Hermes purchases, let us relish in the delight that is everything that comes from an orange box with a big H.  I am too scared to put these bags down and every time I ask someone to hold one while I am shooting it is like they are holding a newborn, but yes you will be in trouble if you drop it.  Hugs and kisses to Madam Maude at Madam Virtue for her inspiration today.

Just a note, to those who all know this is not strange but most of the luxury items that we are purchasing, (well not right now as everyone has no money) are derived from the craftsmanship of saddlery or luggage.  Every couple of months my leather goods are taken from their spot on my shelves and nurtured with leather oil and then a cream to keep the nourishment in and keep the leather supple.  
As most of the fashions on the field girls know and I can see, (as their grooming is immaculate) your tack for turnout is second to none.  This is the same with shoes, belts and beautiful leather products, unless my top boots were shining before I slept I was not allowed to ride my horses.  Leather care is imperative to keep heirlooms for generations.

For some I will let you know that soon my hire a hat will be extending to my handbags! 

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