Monday, 5 March 2012

Invest Dress

In this land of social media and living in Melbourne at the moment, I do get this feeling that I am incredibly dull. I really don't mind, it is just a fact. Since arriving to Melbourne from Far North Queensland I have been fighting off bugs and been tested for everything under the sun! 5 weeks of being horribly ill and maybe it is just Melbourne that is making me ill, or let us say the weather.
When stepping back to the hub of fashion and fabulocity, one thing comes to my mind. Like death and taxes, age is taking hold and I am feeling well lets say mature. One other thing comes to mind when reading Facebook, (Stalkbook) with everyone catching up for coffee and lunch and heading out in fabulous outfits, talking about how fabulous their lives are and how wonderful their lives are, I am either telling the truth or I am really really boring and dull.
Instead of being bothered about it, I now see my life is evolving as my life is totally about my children and I have chosen to be sent photos from fashion week rather than going to the events to talk with people about what I have just seen. I prefer to make up my own mind. One thing is for sure, nothing is moving fast. Although we love our fashion and we are all wanting to look our best, we are all opting for vintage and the best price we can get. Being back in Melbourne, I see that most stores have crazy sales trying to move stock and I am receiving about 10 text messages a day where all the major sales are. To tell you the truth, NO ONE is spending. Everyone in Australia thinks we have not been touched by the GFC, but news for you all my pretties, it is coming. As I know allot of what is coming in and out of the country right now, we have come to a major halt and it is because consumer confidence is at an all time low. Personally I think if Julia and Krudd decided not to have a public spatt it may not be a quite the crisis point, but please, another election! QUICK SMART!!!
Despite who is in power, we are not getting out of this consumer slump for some time. Even though I hate being a clone in a shopping centre I have decided being in Melbourne I will go to shops and spend my $$$ in shops as with Katies and Millers (I must admit, I cannot remember walking into either store) going under with 160 stores closing their doors and Fletcher Jones going belly up, we have to get back to our stores in order for people to keep their jobs. It is easier to purchase online, but we are forgetting the human factor of the economic crisis. I still want people to purchase Australian Made and Designed, but even Sass and Bide are made in China and blocks sent over seas. I will let you know there is going to be a big shift about products coming out of China as well. A country that Australia depends on for their cheap labour. All in all, when I live in FNQ, I live in a very small wardrobe mostly swimwear as about 4 hours a day is spent in the water and then workout wear. I love purchasing millinery as it is no secret, but we are so blessed as beautiful millinery is hand made and I never mind purchasing what craftsmanship has been hand made with blood sweat and tears. Although I know and am told that everyone thinks I have endless purse strings, it is far from the truth as I am a very savvy shopper and I am not scared to wear something twice, thrice or even once a month. The way to keep your wardrobe current is to make sure your accessories are up to date. Belts, gloves, and cheap handbags can instantly update an outfit. One thing is for sure in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, you need a fantastic coat to get you through Winter, and I have been known to wear fur during Spring Racing Carnival and many a contestant and compare have been grateful when they walk off stage. Be mindful of your purchases and I will be interested to see what LMFF has to offer but one thing is for sure, we want to invest dress. We will be purchasing 'classic' and one wonders if that is why 'Dior's' latest 'Safe' collection was purposely designed that way in order that the customer will not take chances on high ticketed items that are a fash flash in the pan although gorgeous, but just won't make it through the test of time. Back to the classics I say!

Recently I did make the comment that Dior's latest collection was safe.  True, but when you look at the lines that work as classics, maybe these are the new classics.  It is probably better to have a line that has more sale appeal than something so fashion forward that is will stay on the shelves.  
Something to ponder upon. 

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