Friday, 23 March 2012

Etal Stores Melbourne

Well sometimes you just know a classic when it is not a particular fashion item, but it is fashionably chic without statement.  I was first introduced to this label when Oscar Calvo had his catwalk circus and could see all the wonderful attire including a concept from Anthony Capon one of my favourite Melbourne designers.  Someone whom I love to frequent a doorstep out the front of Madam Virtue and smooch the Madam Maude.  The clothes are nonchalantly immersed in Melbourne-esque fashion with mostly tones not colours taking centre stage, but I am in love with the way every piece is a classic that will stay in your wardrobe forever and the designers are acutely aware of a REAL woman's figure and how they want to be perceived.   Etal is a label for the true lover of Melbourne and Indie design with edge and does not say sorry for the draping in all the right places.  Etal, you are eternally my Label. xxxxx

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  1. Amazing Stuff Thanks for sharing, I remember last time i attend a fashion show for Herve Leger & Cocktail Dresses. The tent was bursting at the seams at the Herve Leger show. Everyone was there and everyone wanted to be there.