Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fashions on the Filed at Gold Coast Turf Club, St Patricks Day

Whilst I was in a dismal Melbourne in the boiling heat, after a very painful operation, I could not make the fashions on the field on the Gold Coast, but my dear friend Andrew Mills, kept me well in the loop.  Andrew is one of my favourite Gold Coast photographers who always delivers me with wonderful tastes of what a wonderful day has been had.  I would firstly love to congratulate not just all winners, but also all the competitors taking part.  Without you there is no competition!
Mildred Elwood, you are totally going for a "hat trick" right now, Mildred heads off for Dubai to try her luck, (maybe of the Irish) in Dubai.  We wish you every success.

Again a huge thank you to Andrew Mills for these wonderful photographs which will also be showcased on and a kind reminder that we are privileged to be presented with these photos and they are strictly copyright to Andrew Mills and cannot be reproduced without the prior consent on Andrew Mills in writing.

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