Thursday, 29 March 2012

Being POSH!!!

People who know me, or even have just met me, they know I cannot control excitement and I don't want to either.  Something I love is life and living it.  My mother is beautiful, but she tries very hard to keep me acting like a lady and I am sure she would love it if I was a little bit Posh, or even snobby.
I just cannot do it, everyone is always so much fun that I just want to join in like a puppy on the beach.  Why not I say!  Once you grow up, there are not many reasons to get really excited, where I look at my children and they are seeing everything for the first time.  Blowing bubbles is exciting, balloons are fun, getting messy, anything is fun.  Usually when I get big new, before I sign contracts, look in to things or think rationally, I warn everyone around me, "Don't burst my bubble today!", I give myself a day of thinking like a child and toying with fun ideas of something fabulous.  I ring up all my good friends and tell them the news, and they know I am just going through one of my exciting little moments, even if it works out or not.
I wish I could be a little bit posh or snobby, but really, I just like talking to lots of people, because lots of people love to be heard.  Next time you hear something fabulous, just go with it for a day, don't let anyone talk to you rationally and fly high, it is a fabulous feeling and it makes you remember how much fun it is to build sandcastles.

I really think in the nicest possible way, Victoria Beckham is the best coat hanger!

I just could not stand around that long and not smile, or move quickly, or have that figure.
But please take note, I have seen pictures of her smiling, and recently her talking!!!

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