Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Racing Fashion Loves the 'Tummy Tuck'

Last night Flemington VRC has announced the news that the Bare Mid Rif is going to be a big NO No!
We fly for the ceiling saying "Yes, Yes!"

This year the VRC and Flemington keep their tradition and show why they are the most distinguished course in Australia if not the world.  With Royal Ascot bringing in the rule of all headwear must have a base at least 10cm, standards were dropping in Australia.

I know I sound like a granny, but you are welcome to sport your looks in the public on the lawns, but the mid rif was fabulous in the 50s, then the 80s we would all rather forget about the fashion and in 2014, trust me we will all look back and say, "Thank Goodness they stopped us".

The whole idea of going to the races is having a place to sport a fabulous dress and hat and feel comfortable.  This is an all around WIN for Racing Fashion and even without having a winner at the track we feel like we have won, here are some debate questions from the Channel 9 news site, for and not for.  It is up to you.  Keep your tummy tucked if you wish to attend in Marquee's, and Fashions on the Field and the public area has lest restricted dress code.

Racing Fashion Tummy Tuck

 Racing Fashion Tummy Tuck

 Racing Fashion Tummy Tuck

  • Rachel Elizabeth Taylor I don't care if it's 2014 or 1891, this is the one time of year where ladies should dress like ladies, this is NOT a nightclub. It is a day of beautiful hats, amazing dresses, and horses. The men have to wear suits and ties, so the ladies need to cover up. I don't need to see bellys hanging out after a day of food and drink either.
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    • Adelaine Varnel "Ladies". Please, no one today knows what that is and if you knew what it meant you'd be back in the inequality days of women being submissive and you don't want that. How you dress doesn't make you a "lady", it's how you behave. Yes, get with the times and don't have archaic ideas on it being about dress codes.
  • Georgina Gourley Why not lengthen skirts and ban cleavage then? Why is the belly not ok to show but the breasts and what you had for breakfast is fine? Doesn't make sense.
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  • Prudence Barwell Bravo Racing Victoria. The races need to maintain class, style and grace.
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  • Jasmine Skye McIntosh The women at Royal Ascot look so much classier than the trash we get here at our spring carnival
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  • Rhom Delrayne Woman needs to realize that you don't need to show all your skin to look good!
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  • Alicia Fitzpatrick They are just asking for a traditional look. This is done at events like Wimbledon where players have to wear white tasteful clothing as opposed to other tennis games. Good on them!! Not affected by this in the slightest - no way I getting my midriff out after three babies!!! Bahahahaha 
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  • Emma Yablechnick Yes, keep it classy for race day. Wear revealing clothes to a party, pub or nightclub.
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    • Adelaine Varnel So you want to keep women hobbled in their self expression then? Classy is your behaviour not your clothes or judgements

  • Rodney Thompson Maintain the integrity of the race that stops the nation with dress standards, pffft!!!
    Should crack down on squatting in bush's on the way out. Lol
    But then again it does provide some free entertainment.
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  • Megan Shannon Don't go to the races if you can't adhere to dress codes! Its an age old tradition associated with the races since its conception. If you want to dress "inappropriately" (as deemed in the rules) go elsewhere.
    At Ascot you are not even allowed to wear shoestring straps. It is what it is. Maybe leave your shoes on too!!!
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  • Tri Sarah Tops As much as I am a horse lover and think the racing carnival should be about the horses, their jockeys, owners and trainers, I don't see a problem if females want to dress like that. Would I personally? Of course not. But so what if a female wants to flaunt her stomach. Let her. We continually tell people to start gaining confidence in themselves, but shut them down the moment they want to. Can we ban those stupid and hideously ugly hats instead?
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  • William Talavou If you don't like it you know you don't have to go.

Thank you for everyone who had their say on the Channel 9 Facebook Page.

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