Sunday, 16 February 2014

Racing Fashion Australia after 5 years is Racing Fashion WORLD!

Five years have gone by now since the first actions of 'Racing Fashion' came into being. This Saturday 'Blue Diamond' at Caulfield will mark the first photo shoot to bring a sense of self and being for all ladies and gentlemen at the track. This has changed the way Fashion is innovating in Australia and now the world. The concept is now being thought of years later when a few had a sniff of how well the site was doing, yet I still have not made a $ and it is not and never will be about the $ nor should 'Fashions on the Field' be about winning. My motto is if you are standing and dressed well feeling great, you have already won and you don't even have to be on stage.
Racing Fashion has gone full circle and at the five year anniversary, we announce that we are going global. Racing Fashion is more than attending the races and looking fabulous, it is about the way you live every day. I now tour the country judging and mentoring ladies, gentlemen and girls on how to embrace what you have and showcase how you can bring a better world to all.
5 years ago, I had a beautiful baby daughter who I rarely let near a camera, but I wanted her to grow up in a world where there are no such words as fat or thin, there is healthy eating and bad habits. Bringing up a daughter is difficult but I have chosen to lead by example and show her no matter what age, size, shape, colour, religion, sex or sexuality we all have the right to be happy and showcase who we want to be without harming others.
Racing Fashion has become a popular TV show on Community TV around Australia and this is where we embark on Racing Fashion World, taking the message further and across our shores from Australia. I do not expect to make money and I don’t' care to make money, although I do wish to somehow for the cost to cover themselves.
In the 5 years of Racing Fashions Australia we have exceeded 350,000,000 hits. This is where social responsibility does come in and I do have to practice what I preach in every footstep. I am not claiming to be perfect and yet far from it. I like for people to see me in very raw circumstances how I can be a mum, run a household, have interstate meetings and responsibilities and run a blog and TV show with just enjoying being who I am.
After the untimely death of my co-host Paris Kyne may he RIP, my fabulous husband has come into the next season of Racing Fashion TV and will embark on Racing Fashion World with me. It seems only natural to have my best friend by my side.
There will be new faces and additions to the World and we cannot wait to bring to you a more extensive and fabulous outlook on how people feel fantastic by frocking up and heading to the track.

Stay Tuned for more. There is heaps to come. x

Racing Fashion Founder Anna Mott photographed by Monty Coles, The Loupe

Racing Fashion says, In case of Emergency, wear a hat. 

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  1. I have been reading Anna Mott's blog for several years and love it. She is not only a razor sharp fashionista ,she also appreciates beauty that comes in all sizes.