Friday, 5 April 2013

We are all Equal for Equal Love

Something I find more than disturbing in our day and age is bigotry. There is no need and we have come along way, please don't let us go back.
This past week or two there have been countless amounts of people calling for equality for everyone to have the right to love. Equal Love.
Even Grumpy Cat has come on the Band Wagon, and we all know his usual comments.

This is archaic as when people looked at people from another race or culture and saw them as different. Everyone should have the right to love.
If someone told me I could not love one of my children for some ridiculous reason, where would that leave me. People do not ask to be who they are, they simply are. This is what makes us individual and beautiful.

I had been in tears earlier in the week when one of my dearest friends had been targeted. This has left me tearful and feeling like there is no hope for peace.
North Korea is on the brink with the United States, and people really have time to bother about making someone feel uncomfortable with the person they are. I have been so hurt to find that one of my dearest friends that is so overwhelmingly generous has been a victim.
Words, stares and snide comments are hurtful.

One of my family members who is no longer living was gay.
This was a part of their life that they kept so hidden and secret from the world they were bitter and nasty. This person would try and belittle others to make themselves feel better. This person passed almost 15 years ago. I never knew they were gay, but it made no difference, they were a member of my family. It was toward the end of their life when they were finally seeing the world and people were not so bad. This person died a very unhappy and alone person because they were never allowed to be who they want to be.

I never want anyone to have to live in secrecy and denial ever again.

I chose when I married my husband to be united with our own words on a beach with just a few of my closest friends, there was no ceremony in a church and it was not a disrespect to God, as I believe in my own beliefs.

If people cannot look into each others eyes and declare their love for one another with their closest of family and friends, it is very sad.

Please choose to be a tolerant person that does not take into consideration, age, race, religion. We should all be free to love and give generously of our hearts.


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  1. Thanks Anna,
    It made my day it see this tho a bit leaky in the eyes!!! I wish Julia would read this and get her act together.... even if it was her last act as PM I'd be happy!