Monday, 8 April 2013

Vintage Headdress.

Myrna Loy in "A Connecticut Yankee", 1931.

Marion Benda

Helena Modjeska

Katherian Kelred as Zuleika in Joseph and his Brethern, Chicago, c. 1914.

May Esther Peterson Thompson (1880-1952) as Delibes in the Opera Lakme, ca. 1910-1915.

Silent actress Jetta Goudal, c. 1920's.

Ruth st Denis in Radha

Vintage risque dancer 01 by MementoMori-stock on deviantART

Early 1900's La Belle Epoch photograph by Reutlinger of Paris of the French artiste D'Alencon, wearing some truly awesome head decorations that include jewellery and artificial flowers.

Barbara Lamarr

Mary Pickford

Lucy Doraine - Silent Movie (1922).

Pauline Starke by Russell Ball


Portrait of Vaudeville starlet Sonia de Calve by Strauss Peyton Studio (benjamin strauss and homer peyton), 1926.

Marie Prevost

French actress, Alexiane.

Portrait of Romanian operatic soprano singer Stella Roman at her d├ębut at the Metropolitan Opera House NY, December 12 1941 in Giuseppe Verdi’s "Aida", conductor Paul Breisach

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