Wednesday, 20 March 2013


In Melbourne at present, we have collections that are being presented down the runway and they are sometimes made in China??? Not a FAN!
This accessories company does a fantastic range, but I do feel that to showcase people should know that allot of the $$$ are being shipped off overseas.
We are living in a society right now, where we are caring. Louis Vuitton, has thought about a change from the iconic logo that made their handbags and luxury goods a household name. In reality no one really wants to be seen wearing $$$$ on their arm etc...
Currently there has been a report that during the economic crisis luxury spending was at an all time high. Not only was this surprising, but according to banks, economists and basically big brother, going into financial files, it was seen that an extremely high percentage were first time luxury purchasers.
As we have seen Neon (Fluro, lets face it) come and go like the 80s, it brings up the question for those old enough to remember are we reliving the 80s yuppie, or 'fake it till you make it'.
There are allot of products out their for consumers and the target demographic is for teens to thirty, the rest we are forgotten about.
But why is this??
Living in the age bracket you tend to head toward fad fashion and in most cases you cannot afford the luxury items. This leads young consumers into high street fashion chains where they are given the lighting and promotion of this brand to be carried away.
When you purchase luxury, you are also paying for the pampering treatment, (Not to mention those hefty adverts in glossy magazines) but now we are seeing allot of vintage and retro.
Where is the best value??
The best current value at present is to invest with local designers, throw your love around a new up and coming designer that you want to see succeed and share what you want and have couture made, you never know you may even become a fashion muse. Take a look at the wonderful Isabella Blow who mused the ever fabulous Philip Treacy and Alexander McQueen and may I add she was not of tender years.
Invest instead of new luxury that is over whelmed with logo, go to a place like Madam Virtue and the quirky boutiques in the dark alleys where they are your best kept secret and stock up on great vintage.
If you know what you are doing you will be able to see the timeless pieces, and if not, ask. See what suits you and find the pieces that are going to be Vintage. Since I had my daughter and son, the amount of Vintage I am collecting for her is amazing, but keeping it on invest purchases.
I know it is amazing to get caught up in fashion heading to the parades and seeing these gorgeous creatures transform out of their school uniform into these statuesque goddesses, but instead of looking at the youth, I prefer to turn my head after the show to who is writing and saying what and why.
Most of all I turn to the pages of knowledge and people who have been there.
Jan Breen Burns, Phoebes Garland (always brilliantly researched) and Jenny Bannister, a few names who come to mind. Three ladies who are fabulous with a definite opinion about fashion.
Channel Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Della Russo, Anna Piagi, Anna Wintour, ladies who have year behind them and when they speak you listen.
One of my favorite ladies at the forefront of Australian Fashion right now is editor of Bazzar Kelli Hush. Kelli was editing the ever loved weekly Grazia, where it was understood that hats were an essential part of dressing and heading to Bazzar Kelli is still keeping a stronghold over hats in Australia's Finest Glossy Magazine next to Vogue.

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