Sunday, 24 March 2013

CATWALK QUARREL: Fashion 'double' anger By KATE COUGHLAN

SHE was stunning in a 1940s-inspired outfit, beating a record number of Fashions on the Field entrants, but Brodie Worrell’s Lady of the Day win didn’t please everyone at Albury Gold Cup on Friday.
Miss Worrell, from McCrae, was also named runner-up in the millinery section.
Some Fashions on the Field entrants who walked away without a sash weren’t impressed.
“If she came runner-up in millinery she’s not even allowed to enter the second time,” Michelle Ross, of Albury, said.
“It does annoy me because the local girls put in lots of effort.”
Sam Hynes, of Albury, said women should not have been allowed to enter both sections.
“She’d already won a prize, give someone else a go,” Miss Hynes said.

But finalist Gudi Gigliotti, of Wodonga, thought it was just a case of sour grapes.
“She looked brilliant,” Ms Gigliotti said.
“She had the best outfit and the best hat so it doesn’t bother me.”
Fashions on the Field co-ordinator Louise Harper said Miss Worrell’s win was within the guidelines.
“If they don’t win in a section they can enter and win in another section, that was confirmed by Myer,” Ms Harper said.
Miss Worrell’s entire outfit was from her mother’s shop on the Mornington Peninsula.
A form-fitting navy dress, fox fur stole, navy and taupe head piece, cream leather gloves and pearl necklace were finished off with a slick of red lipstick.
“I only decided to come a few days ago,” Miss Worrell, 18, said.
“And it’s my first time in fashions so I’m in shock.”
Judge Laura Dundovic praised Miss Worrell’s ladylike look.
“She looks beautiful, I actually saw her when I walked in and she has just got the whole look from head to toe, she’s incredibly well polished.”
Law student Natasha Roberts, 26, took out second place in a cobalt blue and aqua faux fur dress she made herself.
“I found this amazing fur and I thought I’ve got to use it,” she said.
“I wanted to bring in the cobalt blue because it’s quite prominent this season.”
The Canberra woman had made the trip with her mum and sister yesterday morning.
“It was a 6.30am start to get here so it’s quite a long day but well worth it.”
Ashlee Bowman, from Albury, came third in a mustard coloured full-skirted dress, with leather shrug and hand-made hat.
It was the 25-year-old’s first time at the cup.
“I was so amazed at how dressed up everyone got, when I walked in I was like I don’t have a chance, everybody looked amazing,” she said.
Cheryl Kreltszheim, of Wangaratta, entered the millinery section for the first-time win wearing a black, white and red feathered head piece.
“I’m elated, I can’t believe it,” she said.

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